Preserved Roses: Eternal Beauty and Easy Care

Published on May 30, 2024

What are Preserved Roses?

Preserved roses are natural flowers that have undergone a preservation process to keep them looking fresh and alive for an extended period. This process generally involves the use of glycerine-based solutions and other non-toxic compounds that replace the flower's natural sap. The result is a rose that retains its original suppleness, texture and colour without the need for water or light.

roses préservées

History of Preserved Roses

The idea of preserving flowers is not new. The first attempts to preserve plants date back to ancient Egypt, where flowers were used in funeral rituals. However, modern rose preservation techniques, as we know them today, began to develop over the last few decades, particularly in Europe and Japan. These techniques have evolved to become more sophisticated and environmentally friendly, making preserved roses accessible to a wider public.

rose preservees

The benefits of preserved roses

Preserved roses offer several advantages over fresh roses and other types of artificial flowers. They are economical in the long term, as they do not require regular maintenance. They are also environmentally friendly, as they reduce the demand for fresh roses, which require a lot of water and pesticides to grow. Finally, their durability makes them ideal for permanent decorations and long-lasting keepsakes.

How are Preserved Roses made?

The manufacturing process for preserved roses begins with the selection of the freshest, most beautiful flowers. These flowers are then harvested at their peak and immersed in a glycerine-based preservative solution. This solution replaces the plant's sap, allowing the rose to retain its suppleness and natural appearance. Once the preserving process is complete, the roses are carefully dried and can be coloured to produce a variety of vibrant hues.

Uses of Preserved Roses

Preserved roses are extremely versatile and can be used in a multitude of contexts. They are ideal for interior decoration, adding a touch of elegance to any room without the need for maintenance. They are also popular as gifts, symbolising enduring feelings of love and affection. In addition, they are often used at special events such as weddings and anniversaries, where their timeless beauty is particularly appreciated.

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Comparison with Fresh Roses

Although fresh roses have their own charm, they require much more maintenance and have a limited lifespan. Preserved roses, on the other hand, require no water or light and can last for years. In terms of cost, preserved roses may seem more expensive on initial purchase, but their durability makes them a more economical option in the long term. What's more, they offer flexibility in terms of decoration, as they can be incorporated into arrangements that last well beyond the flowering season.

The Colours of Preserved Roses

Preserved roses are available in an amazing range of colours. From classic shades like red, pink and white to more exotic colours like blue and black, there's a preserved rose to suit every taste and occasion. Each colour has its own meaning: red symbolises love and passion, white represents purity and innocence, while blue evokes peace and serenity.

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Maintenance of Preserved Roses

One of the greatest advantages of preserved roses is their minimal maintenance. To keep them in perfect condition, simply keep them away from excessive humidity and direct sunlight. We also recommend dusting them regularly with a feather duster or a hairdryer set to a low temperature. With these few simple precautions, your preserved roses will retain their beauty and radiance for years to come.

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